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45-day warranty | FREE shipping on most items | Microsoft Windows 10 installed on applicable devices
45-day warranty | FREE shipping on most items | Microsoft Windows 10 installed on applicable devices

About Us

About Our Business & Services

Cascade Marketplace is your ultimate destination for refurbished IT equipment. We are part of Cascade Asset Management, which provides top-tier IT asset disposition services to a wide range of organizations, including healthcare, financial, insurance, education, government, and technology sectors. When these organizations are ready to refresh their computers and mobile devices, our certified technicians safely transport the equipment to our secure facility, where we ensure that all data is completely erased. 

For organizations seeking to offset costs and reduce environmental impacts by selling retired equipment, we offer a solution. Our experienced technicians test each item and refurbish it if needed to ensure it is in top condition before adding it to our inventory on Marketplace, eBay, or our other channels. When you purchase a product from us, we share the profits with the organization that originally owned it. This model helps incentivize companies to maintain high-demand IT equipment, which appeals to users like you who desire gently used electronics at an affordable price. Organizations who remarket their devices also appreciate Marketplace because it offers people affordable access to technology while helping them practice sustainability. 

As a Marketplace shopper, you can feel confident about purchasing premium electronics at a fraction of the cost while also supporting a circular IT ecosystem.



Cascade Marketplace ships merchandise from our corporate headquarters in Madison, WI. Cascade also has IT asset disposition operations in Indianapolis, IN, and Orlando, FL, but we are not utilizing these facilities as Marketplace shipping locations at this time. 

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